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The Ultimate Space-Saving Guide For London Living

Space is at a premium in London. Properties in the city have the least floor space in the country, with…

By Londrino Staff , in Lifestyle , at December 22, 2020 Tags:

Space is at a premium in London. Properties in the city have the least floor space in the country, with an average flat size of just 43sqm. To make matters worse, the average price of a London flat is well over £400,000, almost twice the average of the rest of the UK.

With Londoners paying so much for so little, making the most of your space is vital. Here are 6 space-saving tips to make a little go a long way.

1. Have a clear-out

Before you start making any big changes to your flat, you should get rid of any unwanted possessions. You need to be a bit ruthless here. Bag up anything that you don’t use regularly and either throw it away or give it to charity. You’ll be amazed by how much bigger your flat feels without unnecessary clutter.

2. Use baskets and bins to your advantage

Storing items in baskets and bins is a great way to free up space. By keeping all of your odds and ends in one place, you can give your flat a cleaner, less crowded look. It will also save you time as you’ll know exactly where to look for things. Try a shoe holder to free up floor space and remove a common tripping hazard.

3. Go vertical

Vertical storage helps you to make the most of the space you have. Rather than building outwards, go upwards. Add extra shelves above the ones you have for another level of storage, or fix baskets and hooks to the walls.

4. Buy smaller furniture

A lot of furniture is designed for houses rather than flats. A large dining room table or a giant sofa may look fancy, but they will eat up floor space that you can’t afford to spare. Smaller furniture is more practical and you won’t have to struggle to squeeze past it every time you want to leave the flat.

5. Mirrors and lighting

The appearance of space is just as important as actual space. Do everything you can to maximise the amount of light in your flat, as this will make it seem roomier. A few strategically placed mirrors can also create the illusion of space.

6. Use self-storage

Even after a clear out, you may find that you have too many possessions for your flat. Rather than throwing away items that have practical or sentimental value, consider putting them in storage. Safestore is a cost-effective way to keep your possessions safe in the capital. With 47 convenient locations across London, we are the perfect space-saving solution. Get in touch today for more details.