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The Smartest Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

The last few months have seen some big changes in the way that many of us work and live. With…

By Londrino Staff , in Lifestyle , at July 28, 2020 Tags: ,

The last few months have seen some big changes in the way that many of us work and live. With working from home becoming more popular and new security measures in place, it is natural that people now wonder how to look after their health as they work.

The good news is that there are some simple tips that have been proven to keep you feeling fit without adversely affecting your productivity. 

Take Some Time to Relax

Working too hard can lead to stress, which can cause other issues such as high blood pressure, indigestion and depression. You might also find that working for long hours causes you to do little exercise. If you look at the screen in your job, over-work can also lead to eyesight issues.

All of these possible issues can be avoided, or at least lessened, by just taking a breaking now and then. The current UK government guidelines give workers the right to three different types of break. One is a 20-minute break if they work more than six hours. The others are daily and weekly rests.

The problem is that people who work from home often neglect to rest as often at this. It is far too easy to forget to take a break when you are caught up in a task. Therefore, it is important to use an alarm or a PC-based productivity tool to advise you when it is time for a break. 

Use a Suitable Chair or Stand 

Another issue that has come to light with the recent increase in home working is the quality of the office equipment that people use. A lot of people have tried to adapt their existing furniture to get some sort of functional home office, but using unsuitable chair and desks can result in problems such as a bad back or a strained wrist. 

The simplest solution is to get a suitable office desk and chair. This will allow you to work in the correct posture. The previous point about respecting the regular breaks is also important, as this gives your body a chance to rest and recover after several hours of work. A height adjustable desk is one of the things who might also consider.

One of the most interesting ways to be healthier at work is with standing desks. This style of office furniture has been shown to help workers to become more productive, as well as to lose weight and stay fitter.   

Get a Good Diet and Plenty of Vitamins

One of the most positive aspects of the move towards home working has been the way that so many people have gained extra time to cook at home. This has led to a switch to healthier diets, with less reliance on takeaway food and unhealthy snacks than before.

The lack of exercise that is commonly associated with working at home is an issue that can be balanced out to some degree by eating more healthily. The key to success is in planning ahead, to purchase the right ingredients and to have enough time to cook them in the right way.

A good supply of fresh fruit and vegetables is essential in creating a well-balanced diet. Thankfully, the internet is packed with tons of easy, healthy recipes that you can use to turn these basic ingredients into satisfying meals and snacks.  The regular breaks mentioned earlier can be a good excuse to eat something that gives you more energy to continue.  

Don’t just settle for living an unhealthy lifestyle in an unsuitable working environment and with a routine that isn’t right for you. These simple changes will let you feel a lot better while you work to the same high standard as before, if not better.