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The Benefits Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant For You

Virtual Assistants can add a lot to your business and save using your permanent resources on routine tasks.  You can…

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Virtual Assistants can add a lot to your business and save using your permanent resources on routine tasks.  You can even gain from their use of more specialised knowledge and skills to enable them to improve your logistics within your operation.

Who is hiring Virtual Assistants?

All types of small businesses are hiring Virtual Assistants (VA) now rather than hiring a full-time PA. This is largely to avoid the headache of hiring more employees. It enables a business to remain lean and efficient.

What to look for in a new Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a VA is not an easy choice, as you need to ensure that they offer the correct skills and techniques that are needed to be able to deliver the correct tasks and output for your needs. However, in general, the requirements for a small business will be similar.

  • People skills: The VA needs to be able to relate to you and to your staff. If you have a poor communicator or difficult personality, the working relationship will not work. This is perhaps more important in this area.
  • Client Care Skills: You may use your VA to manage your emails and communicate with clients over the telephone. This will mean that good customer skills are important. You can test these skills to help with making the decision.
  • Administrative Skills: A strong background in office work or admin is ideal. This will ensure that they can deliver a good job on their tasks. You can test their abilities when hiring or ask for past examples.
  • Bookkeeping Skills: Many VAs do Bookkeeping, so why not make sure that your VA can do Bookkeeping and Payroll. This will save time and minimise costs, instead of having to have two freelancers working for you on different tasks.
  • Social Media Skills: Social Media is important and Vas should be able to run a campaign well. You need to ensure that they run it professionally and aim to build brand and reputation. Past examples will help you chose someone who can make a difference here.

How to become a Virtual Assistant?

Many readers who are looking to work in their own small business or considering freelancing may prefer Virtual Assistant work to other options. The area is a growth market, but you have to be sure that you have the correct mix of experience and characteristics.

The best way to build your CV for this type of business is to ensure that you have a good related work experience. You should also consider VA training courses from Accredited providers.