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Minimalist Kitchen Ideas With Silestone Worktops

The kitchen, given its importance, is the most exciting room of the house to repair and renovate. It also requires…

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The kitchen, given its importance, is the most exciting room of the house to repair and renovate. It also requires extra protection from spillages and splashes through functional splashbacks and strong countertops. Splashbacks and countertops or worktops help you reorganise your kitchen and make it more attractive and aesthetic. However, you need to keep the colour combination, design, type of material and other customisation requirements in mind while going for splashbacks and worktops.

Another way to make your kitchen look more attractive and efficient is to take a minimalistic approach. With the growing popularity of minimalism, different minimalist kitchen ideas are becoming popular. They not only add to the beauty of the kitchen but also help simplify tasks and maintain and clean the kitchen. The minimalist approach is also environmentally friendly and stress relieving. 

But before looking at minimalist kitchen ideas, let’s look for a good worktop material for the kitchen. Granite and quartz worktops are highly popular among modern homeowners.  Quartz worktops, however, are the better option, as they are stronger, more heat resistant, hygienic and easy to clean and maintain. They are a little expensive but only require one-time investment, as they are highly durable. Additionally, their growing popularity is lowering their prices drastically. They also provide a rich variety of options in colour and design.

Silestone worktops are a kind of quartz worktops that have around 90% natural quartz in it. There is virtually no difference between Silestone worktops and quartz worktops. They provide strong, aesthetic and elegant countertops for your kitchen. They are easy to maintain and clean, as they are non-porous. These worktops also go well with minimalist kitchen ideas and enhance the look of your kitchen.

Here are some minimalist kitchen ideas with Silestone worktops:

Use Monochromatic Style

  • Monochromatic styles go well with Silestone worktops. All you have to do is decide the baseline or main colour of your kitchen. It can be wooden, white or grey, for example.
  • Then you have to organize your cabinets, worktops and furniture using different shades of that colour. This gives a simple, minimalist, complimentary and elegant look.
  • One of the best colours for such styles is indeed grey or wooden. Different shades of these colours, with a variety of designs, are easily available as well.
  • You can also go for perfect contrast, instead of a monochromatic scheme. White countertops and walls with black or dark cabinets and appliances are a good example.

Silestone Calacatta GoldUse Cabinets to Declutter and Organize

  • A minimalist kitchen is one, which is free from unnecessary items and has almost empty worktops. This gives the kitchen a nice look, as there is no untidiness to distract. 
  • One way to declutter is to only keep essential items in your kitchen and that too in the cabinets and drawers, instead of the countertop. 
  • Only those appliances which are regularly used and provide a good colour combination with the worktops should be kept at the countertop.
  • Remove the unnecessary items and utensils from the kitchen. Donate them or give to a friend if you don’t require them.

Get a Durable Cookware Set

  • A strong stainless-steel cookware set would also help make your kitchen minimalist.
  • Utensils that are part of a cooking set are easy to organize, as they usually fit into each other and save space. They can easily fit into draws or cabinets together. 
  • They also bring uniformity, as they have the same design. This makes them a good investment for your kitchen, as they make the kitchen more attractive and efficient.

Open Wall Shelving

  • Open Wall Shelves provide both convenience and aesthetic look to your kitchen.
  • Besides, these shelves provide extra space to keep essential items and keep your countertop clutter-free.
  • Other necessary and frequently used items can be kept there as well. You can also keep flowers or other decorative pieces in the open wall shelves to enhance the look of your kitchen.

Invest in a Kitchen Island

  • Kitchen Islands can be a good way to add more beauty and style to your kitchen. 
  • A cabinet or drawer under the island would provide more space to keep kitchen items and declutter the countertop. 
  • Additionally, they can serve as a place to dine. This minimalist approach would eliminate the need for a dinner table in the house.

Use Draw Organizers

  • Using draw organizers in your cabinet are quintessential for a minimalist kitchen. They keep the utensils and other kitchen items organized in the drawers or cabinets of the kitchen.
  • You can easily find and organize everything in the kitchen because of these drawer organizers.
  • You can also identify the unnecessary items in the kitchen. The necessary items are easily noticeable when you use the drawer organizers.

To sum up, a minimalist kitchen trend is here to stay and grow because of its efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Silestone worktops are ideal for a minimalist kitchen, as Silestone is a durable yet attractive material, which enhances the look of a decluttered and organised minimalist kitchen.