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How to Get Started with Watersports in 3 Easy Steps

There are some great reasons for taking up watersports as your new hobby. This is the sort of healthy outdoor…

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There are some great reasons for taking up watersports as your new hobby. This is the sort of healthy outdoor activity that can really add some extra sparkle to your life. You will explore new places and learn new skills while keeping fit.

Yet, you may wonder how easy or difficult it is to get started. The truth is that it isn’t as difficult as you might think. By following a few simple steps, you can soon be out on the water and enjoying life more than ever before.

Choose a Sport You Want to Try

It is easy to think that all watersports are very similar, as they are all carried out on the water. Yet, there are huge differences between the likes of surfing, kayaking and kitesurfing. So, you should start by considering which one is most likely to suit your personality.

Do you want something this exhilarating and with a hint of danger? Or would you prefer to try a sport that is relaxing and safe? We all have different needs when looking at new hobbies, so don’t just go along with whatever other people tell you is best.  

It is a good idea to find out a bit more about the sports you are interested in. Can you try your hand at scuba diving for an hour or so? Perhaps you know someone who goes paddleboarding and who explain the basics to you.

Eventually, you will need to choose one sport to concentrate on. In the future, you may decide to try your hand at a few different watersports, but it makes sense to get started on one in particular until you are comfortable with it.

Take All the Lessons That You Need

How long will it take you to learn all you need to know and feel completely comfortable out on the water? This varies according to the person that is learning, and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about taking a lot of lessons, or be pressured into going out on your own too soon.

If we look at the example of surfing, the amount of practise needed to get a newcomer up and running can vary from a couple of hours up to a month. The factors that influence this include your general fitness levels, your sense of balance and your confidence.

The situation is similar when we look at other sports of this type. Some beginners will get to grips with the basics in next to no time, while others will need more time to feel completely comfortable.

The best idea is to get professional lessons from a trained instructor when you first get started, as this will give you a solid grounding with good habits to fall back on. If you have a friend who is an expert in the same sport, you might be tempted to go out with them a few times instead, but this can lead to you learning bad habits if you aren’t careful. 

Get the Right Equipment

The amount of equipment you need will vary depending upon the watersport that you choose. Yet, in any sport you will want to make the purchasing and hire of good equipment one of your priorities. This will keep you safe and also allow you to carry out the activity to a high level.

If we look at the example of kayaking, you need to understand what the most stable kayak is and what kind of safety gear you need to take out with you. If you want to try surfing, you need to find a suitable board and wetsuit, among other things. 

With some sports, it probably makes sense to hire the equipment at the start of your hobby. However, there is no doubt that buying the gear that you need is a step you will want to take at some point. 

This is best done once you are sure that the sport is right for you and have a better idea of the type of equipment that you like most of all. You will have learned the names of some of the best brands and will have a clearer idea of the features that you want as well. 


Adding a watersport to your life is one of the very best ways of becoming happier and more active. If you go about it in the right way, this can be an extremely easy way to start a rewarding new hobby that you love.