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Creative Ways to Give Cash as a Gift

Need some new ideas on how to express your love for family and friends on special occasions? Try some of…

By Londrino Staff , in Lifestyle , at May 5, 2020 Tags: , ,

Need some new ideas on how to express your love for family and friends on special occasions? Try some of the following suggestions for giving cash in fun and creative ways that make the gift even more enjoyable!

Who Says Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees?

All you need for this clever idea are a few things – a roll of narrow ribbon, a small artificial tree, and some dollar bills. Roll up each dollar and tie them to the tree using the ribbon. If this is for a birthday or anniversary, you can use the appropriate number of dollar bills to make this gift even more special.

Mini Diploma and Graduation Cap

If you are searching for ways to express your love to a new graduate, you’ll love this idea. Simply roll up a dollar bill in any denomination and tie it with a ribbon. Next, try your hand at making a mini graduation cap using dollar bills.

Necklace and Bracelet

Make a chain out of dollar bills that you fold around each other to create a necklace. Back in the day, people did this with gum wrappers to create colourful necklaces. Make a smaller chain for use as a bracelet.

Money to Burn!

A clever idea that is sure to get a few laughs! Take a dollar bill of any denomination, fold it up, and place it inside an empty matchbox. Attach a small bow on top of the box and give your gift to your recipient.

Balloon Fun

Roll up some dollar bills and place them in a balloon for a loud and fun way to give money to someone you love. If you add sparkly confetti to the mix, you’ll create a colourful gift that everyone will be talking about!

Floral Bouquet

Wouldn’t a floral bouquet made from money make a wonderful gift? Get creative and craft blossoms from dollar bills, attach them to cardboard candy sticks, and place them in a colourful vase!

Gift Bag with Pull Tab

Dress up your cash gift with a colourful mini gift bag, tissue paper, and a “pull tab” that you design yourself. Take a colourful slip of paper and at the top of it, print the words “Pull Here”. Write your greeting below these words and attach the money at the bottom of the paper, tucking it into the tissue-paper filled gift bag.

Dollar Fries

Dollar fries are the perfect gift for the fast-food lover in your life. Take an empty French fry container from a local fast-food restaurant and fill it with a bunch of “dollar bill” fries.

Money Dough

To give the gift of “dough”, line an empty pizza box with clean tissue paper and create a pizza using dollar bills.